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The true story of an iconic ‘Jewish Mother’ and her seven daughters who barely pull off an immigration to San Francisco in 1902 with hopes of a better life, but instead find themselves ripped apart from the inside-out through separation, deceit, rebellion and a natural disaster.

A guardian angel falls in love with his human charge but when she turns bitter and hateful, he is transformed into a demon and she must relearn how to love to save them both, or face consequences beyond ‘The Veil’.

*Judge’s Score 92/100*

During World War I in France, Jonathan receives and relays important messages from the carrier pigeons on the battlefront.

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‘Unsung Heros’ - Screenwriter’s Expo CS Open (single scene - one weekend time limit)

‘A Woman of Valor’ - feature length screenplay

‘The Veil’ - feature length screenplay

When Becky, a baby robin, finds and eats a mysterious seed, she looses all of her feathers and must go on an adventurous quest for the antidote.

‘In Search of a Seed’ - synopsis

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If not now, when?
Maybe never.
So, now.

Escaping to an infant America from the talons of the French Revolution and Napoleonic domination, John James Audubon finds solace in his morbid artwork amid a myriad of horrid trials, from scandal and prison to the death of two infant daughters, only to rise up like a phoenix and take his rightful place as one of history’s magnificent artists.

‘The American Woodsman’ - feature length screenplay

Periwinkle Jones is the ugliest man you’ve ever seen but when he is magically transformed into a dog, he discovers that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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‘Periwinkle Jones’ - single scene

‘Till Death Do We Part’ - Screenwriter’s Expo CS Open (single scene - one weekend time limit)

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*Judge’s Score 89/100*

It’s Gerald and Edith’s anniversary and after all these years together...well, they love each other so much that all bets are off when it comes to who’s gonna die first.